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Nevadans coming to terms with increased health care costs

Posted at 11:38 PM, Nov 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-02 02:39:15-04

Millions of Americans are facing double digit increases in their health premiums as open enrollment begins on state health exchanges.

The executive director of the Silver State Health Exchange said increases for plans available in Nevada are well below the national average that is around 25 percent.

"In Nevada we have less than 12 percent so we are seeing considerably less than the national average," Executive Director Heather Korbulic said.
The Silver State Health Exchange held a kickoff event Tuesday at Cashman Center where enrollment professionals offered help to those looking to re-enroll.
Claudia Gooden was among the first to the event, wanting to make sure she avoided the headaches she had in years past.
The retired widow is planning to keep her same plan but is still waiting to figure how much more she will have to pay.
"I have to watch every step I take, but so far so good. I'll make it," Gooden said.
Gooden, who lives on a fixed income, says extra healthcare costs mean she has to cut back elsewhere.
Experts say those trying to avoid a premium increase should look into plans with a higher deductible. You can also contribute to a health savings account, since those contributions can be used for tax deductions.
The Silver State Health Exchange is taking part in dozens of events in the coming months.
You can get information on its website.