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Fundraiser held for Centennial High School teen killed in horrific crash

Posted at 11:30 PM, Apr 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-08 18:02:04-04

The community is coming together for one of three teens who was killed in a horrific crash during spring break.  

Dylan Mack was vacationing with friends AJ Rossi, and Brooke Hawley in Huntington Beach when a suspected drunk driver slammed into their car. 

Now his friends and co-workers are trying to help his family.

18-year-old Dylan Mack used to deliver to customers of Above the Crust Pizza.

Nick Barkin, one of his coworkers, recalls Mack's antics.

"He would grab an order and scan out for it bag it up and everything and forget the food," he says.

Saturday was their turn to do something for the teen. Hundreds of people flocked to the store all day to help raise money for Dylan's family.

"People are out here and supporting and giving their love to the family. It's awesome. It's really cool to see that this community can come together for someone that they don't even know," says Barkin.

Dylan's friends say they'll always remember his smile and how easily he can make people laugh.

"He would just mess around so much and if you're around Dylan you're definitely smiling," says Tyler McAdams, a childhood friend of Dylan

The community sends a strong message.

"Don't drink and drive. Centennial three innocent kids from a drunk driver. It's not something that we should have to worry about," says Barkin.

He may be gone, but Dylan Mack's loved ones say his memories will live on.

"I'm always gonna have a piece of me missing because like that was actually one of my friends. It's always going to be there. But I will just try and live for him," says McAdams.