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Free virtual career class helps veterans transition into the workforce

Posted at 9:16 AM, Jul 01, 2020
and last updated 2022-01-13 13:27:39-05

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — For many veterans, the transition back into the workforce can be difficult. But a new virtual program is hoping to give veterans an edge as they look for new career opportunities.

“Throughout my career, I had so many great opportunities and mentors,” Niecy Walker said.

Walker is an Air Force veteran who served for 12 years and worked as a human resource specialist.

Her job and time in the Air Force helped her prepare for her future outside of the military.

“I always tell young people to go overseas it will help you grow as a person and help your mind open up to so many different things you didn’t know existed,” Walker said.

She now dedicates her time helping other veterans transition back into the workforce, which she says can be challenging.

“In the military, we don’t have to do a resume depending on the job,” Walker said. “So how do you take your military experience and translate it to the clerk at Walmart who may be in your interview.”

Walker now leads a class called 2nd Mondays. A virtual career coaching session that covers everything from resume writing, how to fill out applications, how to present yourself in an interview, salary negotiations and more.

“It’s really just cultivating their experience into a way that a civilian or someone who has never served in the military can understand and appreciate,” Walker said.

Walker hopes the courses inspire veterans to never give up while offering them the support and guidance they need.

“You may go on 5000 job interviews and you may get a no to all of them,” said Walker. “But what is meant for you is for you and don’t fight it don’t push it, take every interview opportunity you can, and just try to be better.”

2nd Monday's is hosted by the Concerned Veterans for America Foundation. If you would like to know more and sign up for one of their professional development workshops feel free to contact CVAF's Community Engagement Director for Nevada, Luis Vega at lvega@cv4a.org.

And for a link to CVAF head to https://cvafoundation.org/

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