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Former President Trump speaks at America First Agenda in Las Vegas

Posted at 5:18 PM, Jul 08, 2022

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Former President Donald Trump delivered remarks at Treasure Island Hotel and Casino. Notable faces including NVGOP Chair McDonald, Secretary of State candidate Jim Merchant, and Councilwoman Michele Fiore were spotted at the event.

KTNV’s Sean DeLancey spotted several other notable faces at the America First Agenda. So far, he has seen Dam Rhodeimer who Lost to Susie Lee in 2020, Rock Harrison of Pawn Stars, and Lt. Gov. candidate Stavros Anthony.

Upon seeing Chairman McDonald, KTNV’s Sean DeLancey asked about the FBI investigation that saw the Chairmans phone seized. In response, McDonald says he’s not concerned about it and is cooperating with the investigation. He says, as a former cop, he knows he’s got no choice but to comply with the subpoena to hand it over.

Outside of the FBI investigation, McDonald says he and the other party members are enthusiastic about the night and pleased to have the President here to rally the core of the party.

Steve Grammas, President of the Las Vegas Police Protective Association, said the discussion before Trump speaks will all be a conversation about crime and protecting the Las Vegas Community.

Lombardo says he's the man to turn around the recent spike in crime in Las Vegas. Laxalt says as former AG he knows what it's like to work with law enforcement and understand the problems facing each community across the state.

"If he comes back, I'll come back, and we'll fix this" Thomas Homan, former acting ICE Director said after criticizing the Biden Administration.

Director of Corrections at LVPPA Myron Hamm says it's the first time he's been in this kind of environment and likes seeing the "next young leaders" trying to get things done.

Sheriff Joe Lombardo says he’s tired of soft on crime policies and efforts to “handcuff” police. He also accuses Gov. Sisolak of being the first person to “defund the police.” In the past, Sisolak has said he has no intention to “defund the police.”

Adam Laxalt blames an "open border" for the fentanyl epidemic that has killed many Nevadans from an overdose. He promises to be stronger than Masto on keeping people out of the country. He's now blaming the media for not covering the "crisis at the border."

Laxalt said he's going to the border tomorrow. "We're going to be serious about this, and we're going to come up with solutions for the President."

Former President Trump said the Republican Party is the party of Law and Order. "Civilization right now is under siege." The former President blames the Biden administration's "soft on crime" policies and "Democrat-run cities."

Former President Trump proposes a Republican Congress should pass a bill adding police to every city in America and strengthening "qualified immunity" which prevents people who believe their rights were violated by police from filing a civil suit.

Governor Steve Sisolak released the following statement in response to the America First Agenda:

During my first term, I fought back against the Trump administration to support our families, expand voting rights, make health care more affordable and accessible, protect reproductive freedom, and safeguard Nevada’s natural resources. To put it simply: I’ll never stop fighting for the people of Nevada - no matter their political party.

So it’s no surprise Trump is in Nevada helping Joe Lombardo cover up his record as a failed, corrupt sheriff. Instead of doing his job and addressing skyrocketing crime, Lombardo stood alongside fellow failed, corrupt politician Donald Trump, spreading dangerous election conspiracy theories and promising to drag our state backwards.

Further details are pending and will be added to this article as they become available.