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Former Henderson police chief forced out after sexual harassment probe

Posted at 10:31 PM, Dec 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-15 03:02:21-05

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — 13 Action News has obtained a scathing 2017 report about Henderson's former Police Chief Patrick Moers.

The 20-page independent investigation suggests that allegations of harassment forced out Chief Moers and his Deputy Chief Bobby Long in May of 2017.

Both men deny any wrongdoing. They say the timing of this release is suspicious.

"I believe the effort to push this report into the media is politically motivated," said former Deputy Chief Bobby Long.

13 Action News spoke exclusively with Long on the telephone after a hospital treatment.

"I'm battling cancer," said Long, "I have bigger priorities on my plate than to address an issue that's been laid to rest by me for over a year and a half."

Investigators looked at whether Chief Moers engaged in inappropriate conduct of a sexual nature and they found the allegations substantiated. The report states that Moers joked about sex toys, touched a woman's buttocks and sent inappropriate text messages.

The report also states that Long yelled in the workplace creating an atmosphere where "multiple female employees reported being fearful."

Both men tell 13 Action News the confidential personnel matter was leaked to dirty up their name and reputation, especially since Moers is suing the City of Henderson for defamation.

You can read Moers full lawsuit against the city here. Moers couldn't do an on-camera interview because of this pending litigation.

In a statement, the City of Henderson says an employee brought forth complaints against Mr. Moers and Mr. Long in May of 2017.

The City says they promptly hired an independent third party to investigate the complaints. The investigative report substantiated many of the alleged complaints, according to the City. Both men were subsequently "separated" from the City.

The City states "we have a responsibility to provide a safe workplace for all employees and to protect them from harassment of any kind."

Long says the finding of the report are not credible.

"An effort to target the Chief, they sought out disgruntled employees," he said, "with 800 employees, you can clearly find some of them that are disgruntled."

13 Action News will continue to follow this story.