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Five Clark County schools receive threatening calls

Threats deemed not credible
Posted at 3:21 PM, Nov 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-17 02:31:26-05

Five Clark County schools received similar threatening phone calls Friday, which were later deemed to be non-credible.

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Mojave High School and Bendorf, O'Roarke, Ober and Variety elementary schools all received calls. CCSD said that several schools were on lockdown but did not specify which ones.

CCSD police are still investigating to determine the source.

"I just pray every day when I drop them off that they'll be okay," said mom Samantha Potts, "I take these threats very seriously."

Pott's daughter is freshman at Mojave.  

"I was in P.E. and then, they just announced it," she said, "they said that it was a soft lockdown drill."

Bogus threats against schools are such a problem that it's got the attention of the FBI.  Just weeks ago, authorities put out a plea online to stop hoax threats.  They say it disrupts class time, wastes law enforcement resources and causes emotional distress.