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First Pine Dining event refreshes memories of Mt. Charleston Lodge

Posted at 10:56 PM, Jul 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-24 15:51:22-04

MT. CHARLESTON (KTNV) — The Lodge at Mount Charleston holds memories for so many valley locals, but back in September, the lodge burned down in a fire that was ruled accidental. Less than a year later, Pine Dining has kicked off at the site of the lodge.

“This is such a wonderful, warm, inviting environment,” said Phillip Patent, who lives in Las Vegas.

An environment that’s a hit with visitors for the first pine dining event, at the site of the Lodge at Mount Charleston. More than a hundred people eating and drinking at the temporary structure.

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“This is a very unique setting and it’s very friendly and everyone’s very excited to be here,” said Brenda Cain, a Las Vegas local.

The event brings valley chefs up to Mount Charleston to cook for guests and raise money for charity.

For Chef James Trees of Esther’s Kitchen, it was a chance to beat the heat.

“Well, it’s 110 down in the valley and it’s 65 degrees and raining here. I think there’s a good future for this place,” he said.

These guests are the first to enjoy the site of the lodge, after it burned down in an accidental fire back in September. The owners of the original lodge acknowledging its significance.

“Losing the lodge was just so catastrophic and the response of the community was so wonderful,” said Christina Ellis, general manager of Ellis Island.

A response that is already drawing crowds, filled with optimism.

“It certainly feels like the embers are there for the phoenix to rise again,” Patent said.

Ellis said the lodge would be rebuilt eventually with plans on doing that still being worked out. There will be more Pine Dining events coming up through the month of August. Details can be found here.