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Fashion Show shooting arrest report released

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Posted at 11:45 AM, Jan 29, 2020

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Officials have released the arrest report for Christopher Valenzuela-Olivas, the man accused in the frightening shooting that took place on Jan. 21 at the Fashion Show Mall that left 3 people injured.

The report begins by relaying the chaos as "dozens of officers arrived" and located the 3 victims and witnesses.

The main crime scene with "blood trails and impacts from apparent gunfire" was located on the east side of the Dillard's.


The first victim described how he saw a group of three males walking towards him when he said one of the larger men began punching one of the smaller males.

The victim then heard gunshots and began running back "toward his kiosk" when it felt like he got punched in the face and began bleeding profusely.

He then left the building and flagged down police.

Another man said he was sitting on a bench outside of Dillard's, waiting for his family to finish shopping, when he heard gunshots. He quickly turned to run for his family when he then noticed he had also been shot.

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The victim was put in a wheelchair from one of the businesses and wheeled to an ambulance.

Other witnesses in the report relay how the incident apparently began when two groups of males were walking through the mall and exchanged words with each other.

The words turned into a fight with one of the men eventually pulling out a handgun and opening fire.

Based on witness accounts and security footage, it is believed six shots were fired overall.

It was the security footage that, according to the report, helped identify Valenzuela-Olivas as the shooter that night.

Valenzuela-Oivas faces three charges of attempted murder.