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Families say North Las Vegas double homicide should have never happened

Posted at 11:36 PM, Feb 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-12 10:35:36-05

Two families are pleading for justice after their loved ones were gunned down more than a week ago near Centennial Parkway and Pecos Road.

North Las Vegas police say 43-year-old Michelle Dupree and 31-year-old Charles Brooks were shot to death in Dupree's home.

Police say Dupree's ex, 50-year-old Caleb Maxey, is responsible.

"I just hope justice is served cause I know that everything was done that should have been done to protect them to have the life that they wanted as a couple," said Brooks' mother Joyce Brooks. "I hope justice is served cause there's no way this guy should have been walking free after all the things he did."

Police say Maxey stalked Dupree on multiple occasions before the killings.

Family of the victims tell 13 Action News the stalking was so bad that Maxey even set Dupree's home on fire last year while her children were inside.

Dupree was an elementary school teacher at Kermit R. Booker Sr. Innovative Elementary School. Her boyfriend, Brooks, also spent five years as a teacher's aide.

Their families say they were both wonderful people with so much to look forward to. But instead, Dupree lived the last few years of her life in fear.