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EXCLUSIVE: Henderson family receives daughter's body from Fiji, cause of death remains a mystery

Posted at 8:36 PM, Jul 29, 2019

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — It’s been two months since a Texas couple, Michelle and David Paul, became ill then suddenly died during their vacation in Fiji.

13 Action News has been in contact with Michelle's parent since their death and recently learned both bodies were delivered to Las Vegas for a proper burial.

ORIGINAL STORY: Texas couple dies in Fiji; Henderson family awaiting answers

On Monday late afternoon, Michelle’s loved ones gathered to honor her life during a viewing at the Palm Northwest Cemetery.

Marc Canalog exclusively tells 13 Action News that her daughter and son-in-law will be cremated and laid to rest, together in a crypt sometime next month. He also says, David’s family lives in another state and are working to arrange a memorial service for him.

Michelle Paul's casket at the Palm Northwest Cemetery.

Marc and his wife Juliet do not know what killed them and continue to wait on answers.

They’re feeling somewhat at ease now that Michelle’s body will have a proper funeral, will rest in peace after being abroad for so long.

"She's here now and I cannot help it. I've been crying,” says Juliet Calanog.

Juliet Canalog describes Michelle as “perfect and adventurous.”

"She was really a loving daughter,” says Juliet Calanog.

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ruled out an infectious disease as a cause of death.

A toxicology investigation was also inconclusive, Marc Calanog says the the CDC has not closed the case.

“Even [if] it's negative that does not mean it's not there. It's a lot of uncertainty but one thing is they're doing something.”

Officials in Fiji also offered to cremate Michelle’s body but rather chose for Michelle’s body to be delivered to Las Vegas. The Calanog want to say goodbye to their only daughter.

"At least we have peace of mind she will be blessed. We know she'll be going to heaven,” says Juliet Calanog.

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"This for us is the closure we are looking for,” says Marc Calanog.

The grandparents are being strong for Michelle and David’s son, 3-year-old Ayden.

Deep down they're hurting he's going to grow up without his mom and dad.

"That's probably the most difficult emotions that we will have to handle. I'm hoping the transition will be very good,” says Marc Calanog.

"This will be hard for us,” says Juliet Calanog.

Marc and Juliet Calanog say Ayden is their source of strength; what keeps them going as they continue to wait for answers.

"Even if we find out the root cause, she's not coming back. But it'll be comfort knowing why she died,” says Marc Calanog.