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Exploring the initiative on breaking up county-wide school districts

Community School Initiative PAC
Posted at 9:40 PM, Jan 24, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-25 01:24:03-05

HENDERSON, Nev. (KTNV) — Should the Clark County School District break up into smaller districts? It’s a question that’s been asked over the years.

Now, a Henderson city councilman and a political action committee are leading the push to allow communities statewide to decide whether they want to separate from a bigger district and set up their own.

Justin Weathersbee has no doubt his two sons Gavin and Ethan are getting a great education at Lamping Elementary School in Henderson. As president of the school’s PTA, he says the school’s administration has a great relationship with parents.

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“They’re very open to parents being in class and helping and everything,” he said.

Weathersbee is pleased with the schools in the Henderson area. A push from the political action committee Community Schools Initiative would allow cities like Henderson to make their own independent school district — in this case, breaking away from CCSD. The PAC, which is headed by Henderson city councilmember Dan Stewart, says this gives cities and communities their power back to make decisions based on the size of their area.

He says he doesn’t mind seeing more localized control for city schools, since different communities in Clark County have their own unique issues.

“All the schools have their different needs for different things for what they’re doing," Weathersbee said.

But he would rather see it as a city-wide sub-district that still answers to CCSD. He’s worried Henderson schools may not get sufficient funding on their own.

“Where would that funding come from, just taxes or state? How would the state break it down when it comes to county and the city?” he asked.

Ultimately, Weathersbee would like to see all schools across Clark County provide the same education his kids are getting at Lamping Elementary.

“All the kids need the same basic education that they all need, so that funding should always be there,” he said.