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Frustration from teachers, parents over teacher-student fight at Cheyenne High School

Cheyenne High
Posted at 4:01 PM, Mar 04, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-04 21:58:27-05

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Chaos breaks out in the classroom as a student and a teacher throw items and then get into a physical fight at Cheyenne High School on Wednesday.

“They should be expelled, personally. Take them out of the school district. Like I said, let their parents handle it," said Arthur Bustamante.

Bustamante has three grandchildren attending the high school. He says his grandkids told him the fight stemmed from a dispute over a cell phone charger, something other parents we've spoken to have said as well. He believes there need to be clear guidelines for teachers.

“The problem is with the law, man," he said. "The teacher is not allowed to put their hands on a student, but I think if they’re being attacked, they should be able to defend themselves."

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Clark County School District police say the student fighting the teacher was arrested and booked into juvenile hall. This isn’t the first fight reported at Cheyenne High School. 13 Action News has learned at least 32 fights have been reported at the school so far this year.

Bustamante is not surprised.

“Someone’s taking the video and posting it online, so everybody has the video of the fights," he said.

He wants to see CCSD officials take action by imposing stiffer consequences for students.

“Far too lenient. Some of these kids get into fights, bring guns, or something like this. Within a few days, they’re back in school,” Bustamante said.

“As an educator, it makes me sick to my stomach," said Marie Neisess, president of the Clark County Education Association.

Neisess is disturbed after hearing of the fight.

“This is completely unacceptable. Educators staff and students should be able to feel safe in their classroom environment and, clearly, that’s not what’s happening,” she said.

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Neisess says the teacher’s union has reached out to the educator and is waiting to hear back.

Under the collective bargaining agreement with CCSD, schools are supposed to have a plan in place for teachers to call for help, like school police officers, if something happens.

Under state law, teachers can’t put their hands on students but are allowed to defend themselves if they’re attacked in extreme situations. Neisess says unfortunately, each school handles incidents differently.

“Part of the problem is that is varies from one school site to another. There are procedures and policies in place by CCSD, but they’re not always handled the same or equally,” she said.

She says the district needs to step up and establish clear policies and procedures to keep a safe classroom environment.

“This is a 911 emergency. Our students are not feeling safe. Our staff and educators are not feeling safe. Something has to be done, now,” she said.

The CCSD board of trustees plans on discussing the issue of school violence at their next board meeting on March 10. CCSDPD says the investigation into the fight remains ongoing.