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Addressing fights on Clark County School District campuses

Centennial High School
Posted at 4:22 PM, Sep 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-09 21:50:14-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Education under assault. Violence continues to be a big issue at a number of Clark County School District high schools with fights breaking out on campus during lunch or at football games. One school is taking measures to keep students safe.

A brawl under the Friday night lights at Centennial High School last week alarmed parents and students.

“At first I was confused," said Ellie Gardner, student body president. "What just happened? Then later on I found out there was a fight.”

A letter to parents says pepper spray was used when police commands weren’t followed.

Gardner says she had a meeting with the principal on how to keep students safe at football games.

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“We’re going to be checking student IDs, just to see that you’re a student at Centennial, and also just to be safe,” she said.

Gardner says only kids from other schools or recent graduates were involved in the fight. She says her school hasn’t seen any unusual uptick in fights and trusts security there.

“They regulate fights very well at our school and they just try to keep things under control," she said. "I believe in them."

The fight at Centennial is just one of a number of fights that have happened over the past few days.

Parents at Valley High School were sent a message addressing fights at that school as well. A parent says fights broke out during lunch. A message from the principal says the school is ensuring a safe environment.

Reuben D’Silva, a Rancho High School teacher who served on CCSD’s public safety committee, says physical barriers are found at many campuses.

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“We’ve gated a lot of the schools. My high school has fencing around the entire school. We had issues with students passing weapons over the fence, and that sort of thing, but it does serve as a barrier,” he said.

Gardner says brawls have no place on campus and serve as an unwanted distraction.

“This is our education and we're having fun at our football games and we’d like to keep that privilege,” she said.

CCSD says school police and security are routinely at these football games trying to keep the peace.