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EDC explains confusing evacuation order during high winds

Posted at 11:20 PM, May 19, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-20 07:28:10-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — An announcement over the loudspeakers at the Electric Daisy Carnival told hundreds of music lovers to evacuate the venue and take shelter as high winds battered the Las Vegas Motor Speedway early Friday morning.

"Due to high winds we need to evacuate the venue," the message said, "please walk calmly to the nearest exit, and event staff will guide you. Please find shelter in your car."

Many listened not knowing that several stages were kept open, and the concerts continued for hours afterward in other sections of the speedway.

ORIGINAL STORY: Wind forces stage closures at EDC, many leave after being told to evacuate

Backlash on several social media platforms was swift and angry with dozens of people complaining they were on shuttle buses, in their cars, or back in their hotel rooms long before they saw corrections from EDC explaining that they hadn't evacuated the venue.

Insomniac C.E.O. Pasquale Rotella sent a message to Instagram followers explaining that the evacuation order was triggered automatically by sensors at the KineticFIELD stage.

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Keeping you happy and safe are the two most important things we do at Insomniac. Last night, a threshold was met on our wind meters at kineticFIELD that triggered an automatic response calling for the evacuation of the entire venue. After taking more readings in other parts of the venue, we determined that we didn’t need to close the entire venue and could keep the party going at quantumVALLEY and everywhere else. As a precaution today, we have removed minor pieces of our stages and some other elements throughout the festival that would have been a concern in high winds. It’s going to be COLD tonight, so make sure to bring warm clothes. We’re looking forward to seeing you for an amazing Day Three! 😎🙏❤️

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Rotella wrote that other stages were kept open after event crew checked sensors on smaller stages.

EDC representatives did not respond to several questions concerning refunds for anyone who left the venue.

Rotella said crews removed several stage pieces that could be hazardous in high winds to avoid another incident.