UPDATE: Frustrating intersection not changing at moment

UPDATE FEB. 13: 13 Action News reached out to officials who said the light was purposefully made as a full cycle light to make it easier for RTC buses to make U-turns at the intersection.

The intersection will not be turning into a flashing yellow light at this time but a further study is being conducted. 


NORTH LAS VEGAS (KTNV) -- We are working to get a solution for a viewer who emailed us about the intersection of Deer Springs Way and Decatur Boulevard.

It is becoming a busy area of town, but along with the new homes and businesses, comes more traffic.

One of the left-hand turns lanes was eliminated, to make it safer for bus drivers to make u-turns, but one less lane, means other drivers might have to wait for one or even two cycles to make it through the light.

Fixing the problem is a little complicated. Las Vegas and North Las Vegas is divided at Decatur. We reached out to both jurisdictions with a proposal: changing the arrow to a flashing yellow. That way more vehicles could potentially get through the intersection in one light cycle,

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