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UPDATE: Greasy solution to kids hopping fence into senior complex

Posted at 6:51 PM, Feb 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-03 22:48:35-05

UPDATE MARCH 3: One woman suggested a solution to the kids jumping over the fence.

Shari Brown says she used to do the same thing at her house, smashing windows and breaking cars. That is until she started covering the fence area with axel grease and the wall with Karo Syrup.

UPDATE FEB. 24: A Las Vegas school principal is aware of the issue of West Preparatory Academy students jumping the fence into the senior apartment complex.

Statement from the Clark County School District:

"The principal at West Prep is aware of the concern and has met with the residents of the community three times to address their concerns. He has even stood at the fence after school to redirect students.  

The principal will revisit this item with students."


LAS VEGAS (KTNV) -- A man living a senior apartment complex says a group of teens smashed out the windows of his car.

Brooks Vaughn lives in the Lake Tonopah apartments near Martin Luther King and Lake Mead boulevards. He says a group of kids started by smashing out one window with a rock, then a few days later, another.

He says it will cost him hundreds of dollars to fix the car. Vaughn says he lives on a fixed income and while he's saved enough to fix his car, he's afraid to because management hasn't done anything about security. He's afraid once he gets it fixed, the kids will just come back and do it again.

Police say there have been 4 different incidents in the complex since January alone. They say their hands are tie because its private property, and it's up to management to provide security.

There is a locked gate, but we spotted dozens of kids still hopping over the fence after school.

Las Vegas police says they're willing to help the complex with security options if they contact them directly. But when 13 Action News asked management about that in their office, they kicked us off the property.

We also contacted the Clark County School District about the kids hopping the fence. They say they don't condone students trespassing through shortcuts, but would look into changing the bus route if people in the complex contacted CCSD transportation to complain.