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DIRTY DINING: Thai Style Noodle House

Posted at 10:40 PM, Mar 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-03 12:09:59-05

If you're at a restaurant and Darcy Spears walks in with her camera crew, should you stay or should you go?

In tonight's Dirty Dining, a customer chimes in about eating at a place with a C grade.

Repeat offender Thai Style Noodle House on Wynn and Spring Mountain is back for a second helping of Dirty Dining. 

Their 40-demerit C grade was just one shy of shutdown. 

When customers saw us walk in, some got up and left, snapping a picture on the way out.

Customer Dino Thantacheva asked if we there to give them something.

Darcy Spears: Oh, like I'm here to present an award? Not so much.

On the health report, inspectors wrote, "This facility continues to show non-compliance."

Darcy: Does it bother you at all to eat at a place that has a C grade? Because, you know, that's the worst grade you can get.
Dino: They have great food, but I haven't seen what grade until you told me.

Though partially hidden behind ads for massage therapy and tax preparation, the restaurant's C grade is posted.

"I don't want to think about that. Just enjoy it," Dino said, laughing.

Inspectors did not enjoy what they found at Thai Style Noodle House. Like a box of eggs stored on the floor in dry storage. And black growth on dish machine trays.

There was a repeat violation for rusty shelving in the reach-in cooler. 

And raw pork was stored directly on top of butter and other ready-to-eat foods in a bowl.

Darcy: Who is in charge right now?
Employee: Tony.
Darcy: But he's not here.

That right there is a violation, because there always has to be someone in charge on premises. 

We spoke to Tony when Thai Style Noodle House was first on Dirty Dining. 

We ask the employee to call him.

Employee: He said he not gonna come back and he don't want you to do anything.
Darcy: He doesn't have any comment?

We want to ask about the cut cabbage, tofu, sprouts and non-dairy creamer left sitting out at unsafe temperatures, the repeat violation for storing raw shrimp over cooked chicken, and the scoop handle for bulk flower that was caked with excessive debris. 

When we were there in 2014, Tony had plenty to say.

Darcy: And he doesn't want to say anything this time around? Even though the place was almost shut down?
Employee: No. We shut off the hot water though. That's not anything. Same thing. But we just change the tank already.

Darcy: Right. Yeah. That was just one issue. This health report is a 40-demerit C grade so the hot water is just one of a lot of things that were a problem.

There's also one imminent health hazard closure: Karina's Hot Dog, a portable outdoor unit at Eastern near Washington, was shut down for not having water.  

Thai Style Noodle House still has a C grade. 

Karina's Hot Dog re-opened with a zero-demerit A.