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DIRTY DINING: Blood on freezer walls at Yagyu

Posted at 10:45 PM, Dec 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-13 02:39:21-05

Animal blood splashed on freezer walls. Black mold inside the ice machine. And a pushy person who tried to shove our Contact 13 crew out the door. 

That is what's on tap in this week's Dirty Dining.

With Yagyu now appearing on Dirty Dining, it's a pretty stacked deck at the Chinatown Plaza on Spring Mountain Road and Arville Street. Nearly every eatery in there has been on our Dirty Dining report at least once.

Yagyu Yakiniku's 39-demerit C grade put them two points short of being shut down for excessive violations. 

When we went to talk about that, let's just say they were not happy to see us. They pushed Darcy Spears back toward the door.

Inspectors documented multiple handwashing violations including one employee touching their mouth and face, then touching clean equipment and drinks. Another handled dirty dishes, then clean ones without washing their hands. 

They also had problems with blood. Bagged raw chicken was stored inside a container of pooling blood from raw pork. And there was frozen animal blood along the wall inside the freezer.

We wanted to ask about the black mold inside the ice machine, grease and food debris build-up on floors and under equipment, and sink handles so dirty inspectors worried it would re-contaminate hands during handwashing.

Yagyu still had ketchup in their fridge that had expired in August. And pork dating back to August too. 

Shelves in the walk-in were rusty and containers of food were stored on the floor. 

Inspectors found general cross-contamination during food prep and storage -- like raw tuna stored on the same dirty sheet pan as vegetables. 

Lots of equipment showed signs of disrepair including chopsticks, metal strainers and a plastic strainer held together with string. And they were using dirty wiping cloths with no sanitizer to wipe down cutting boards, knives, spoons and prep surfaces.

We've got just one imminent health hazard closure to tell you about -- a temporary set-up outside a ballroom at the Alexis Park Resort was shut down for not having a functional handsink or hot enough water.

Yagyu still has a C grade. It's the sixth restaurant in that same strip mall to appear on Dirty Dining.