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DIRTY DINING: Worms at Tacos El Gordo

Posted at 10:45 PM, Nov 07, 2016

On this election eve, Contact 13 has learned no one is immune to Dirty Dining. Not even a presidential candidate.

Hillary Clinton held a rally in Las Vegas in October, but before the rally she stopped to eat at Tacos El Gordo on East Charleston Boulevard and Bruce Street, proclaiming it "the best place to go in Las Vegas."

But a few days after that unofficial campaign stop, a complaint was filed with the Southern Nevada Health District about a different kind of guest -- a pest -- after a local man found a worm crawling in his taco. 

Kevin Sicairos shared his cell phone video with Contact 13.

Health District records say Sicairos had already eaten a few tacos before he noticed the worm. 

And he told inspectors that when he brought it to the manager's attention, she said, "It's only a fruit worm" and "Didn't care about the fact that there was a worm in the food." 

We went to Tacos El Gordo to see what they'd tell us.

The owner was not available to go on camera but apologized for the incident, calling it isolated. 

The worms came in a shipment of cilantro from California and as soon as they recognized the problem, all of the product was thrown out.

Health inspectors following up on the complaint did not see any pest activity while they were there, but according to their report, Tacos El Gordo employees acknowledged there were bugs and that several people had complained. 

Inspectors left them with a warning to inspect all food product for pest activity prior to prep and service.

Tacos El Gordo currently has six demerits and an A grade.