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Dirty Dining: Ru Yi Noodle House

Posted at 12:09 PM, Nov 26, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-26 15:09:17-05

Tonight, a Thanksgiving eve restaurant report has Darcy Spears having deja vu.

Contact 13 is on the Strip at a location where four different restaurants have all landed on dirty dining!

We're baaaaaack!  Back on Las Vegas Boulevard and Harmon. And back at Hawaiian Marketplace for the fifth time.

The dining has been dirty at three other restaurants there. 

This week, while most folks are preparing to gobble up some turkey, Ru Yi Noodle House is gobbling up demerits -- 40 of them. Which allowed the restaurant to avoid shut down by just one demerit.

Ru Yi has only been open since the summer and already, they have a cockroach infestation.  Inspectors saw roaches on the floor, on walls and even on the can opener.

The restaurant's latest C grade is their second in just three months. Both came from their first two unannounced inspections. 

We discovered they spoke just enough English to tell us...

Male employee: I'm sorry.  No English.
Darcy Spears: You don't speak English at all?
Female employee: No English.
Darcy Spears: You don't speak English either?  How do you talk to the health inspector?
Female employee: No, no, no.  Only Chinese.

In case you're wondering where they get their food -- here's a clue.  There were multiple plastic grocery bags from the 99-cent store containing meat and produce. 


Health inspectors also found gooey build-up on soda nozzles, improper handwashing, an open can of creamed corn that was beginning to rust and lots of food items both in and out of the coolers that were uncovered and unprotected from contamination. 

We showed them the health inspection and tried to ask more questions.

Darcy Spears: When the health inspector comes, someone has to be able to talk to them.  So who talks to them when they do this?  Who talks to the Health District?

We got a whole lot of nothing.  Much like what inspectors got when they quizzed the person in charge, who was not knowledgeable about temperatures, sanitizer levels, cross contamination or basic food safety.

Ru Yi held on to their C grade for two weeks. 

They were just re-inspected and now have a 6-demerit A grade.