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Dirty Dining on the strip at Vickie's Diner, Old Homestead

Posted at 10:45 PM, May 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-01 14:18:16-04

Roaches are making headlines at a high-end restaurant on the strip. 

But for the highest demerits, Dirty Dining heads to a diner.

"We have issues. Everybody does. And we deal with them as they come up."

Manager Michael Hawkins is very matter-of-fact about the 44 demerits that got Vickie's Diner shut down by the Health District. 

The diner at White Cross market on Las Vegas Boulevard and Oakey was also closed for an imminent health hazard.

Darcy Spears: That little checked box under "gross, unsanitary occurrences or conditions including pest infestation."
Michael Hawkins: They found one cockroach.

The inspector did note just one live roach.

"We've been here for seven years--there's been a diner in this spot--so, you're gonna find a roach once in awhile," Hawkins said, adding that hardly qualifies as an infestation. 

But the inspector also found "Conditions that allow harboring or feeding of pests" in the form of heavy grease build-up.

"I'm not sure where he's seeing the grease build-up."

The Health District's pictures show it on walls, base covers and pipes. 

There was also old oil and grease stored in a soiled pot on the kitchen floor.

"Well it was just a lot of little things. And we took care of them and got re-opened real quick. It wasn't really that big of a deal."

The inspector also found a washed tomato on a dirty shelf, a heavily soiled potato scoop and heavy food debris on shelves with open food unprotected from contamination. 

There was also expired chili. The date label shows it was made on May 1--making it nearly three weeks old on inspection day.

Darcy: What was the deal with the chili?
Michael: The chili was just, uh, it wasn't expired. It was the wrong date on it.

In the end, Hawkins goes back to being matter of fact.

"Things happen. We get busy."

Our next imminent health hazard came at a high-end steakhouse on the strip. 

Old Homestead inside Caesar's Palace was shut down after inspectors found a multi-generational cockroach infestation and backed-up drains in the production kitchen and pantry.

Dried food debris and grease under equipment and on the floor made for perfect pest conditions. 

There was also black build-up on the meat cooler wall and excessive green and black build up in the kettle drains. 

Old Homestead was able to immediately correct the drains, but not the roaches so the entire facility was temporarily closed until the roaches were eradicated and they were able to safely serve the public.

Kopper Keg West on Rainbow and Sahara was shut down after inspectors verified a complaint that they'd been operating for almost 24 hours with no water. 

Toilets couldn't be flushed, hands couldn't be washed and neither could dishes. 

Both the lounge and restaurant were closed due to that imminent health hazard.

And Vegan Bites on Eastern and Pebble was shut down for failing its initial inspection under new ownership. 

Inspectors found eggs with a sell by date of April 14 and dirty pans in clean storage. 

Most of the facility was dirty including hood vents, floor drains, floors and walls.

Kopper Keg re-opened later the same day and Old Homestead was closed for less than 24 hours as well. 

Vickie's Diner and Vegan Bites are also back to A grades.