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DIRTY DINING: Noodle King, Sam's Club and more

Posted at 10:45 PM, Oct 10, 2016

A restaurant that just opened under new management is already at the top of the Dirty Dining list. 

It's an eatery where the owner takes Darcy Spears to the last place you'd expect to bring a camera.  

Noodle King Owner Nelson Lee says he recently came to Nevada from Berkeley where he's been in the restaurant business for 40 years. 

But all that experience didn't stop his restaurant on Sahara and Rainbow from getting a 37-demerit C grade. A food handler touched trash and prepared a customer's food. Inspectors also found uncovered food double and triple stacked without barriers to protect against cross-contamination. 

There was food stored in the mop sink. And meat stored in plastic grocery bags. Inspectors also found an employee's open mug of tea sitting on the cutting board. Employee cigarettes were intermingled with food equipment. A rusted shelf was being used to store clean kitchen wares. And trash bags were being used as bulk bin covers.

For imminent health hazard closures, we head to Sam's Club on Arroyo Crossing near Rainbow and the 215. 

Health inspectors shut down the sushi, deli and rotisserie chicken areas after finding sewage backing up out of a floor drain and employees tracking it all around the food prep areas.

Boulder Station's buffet dish room was also shut down due to a sewage back-up. Employees there also continued to work, walking through the waste water.

And from too much water, we go to "not enough." 

A portable set-up selling beignets and coffee at the Golden Nugget was shut down for having no water. 

Same thing at Delicias Latina's mobile unit on Sahara and Lamb where there was black build-up on the cutting board and the person in charge told inspectors some of the food had been prepared at someone's home.

Noodle King still has a C grade. 

All the rest are back open with A grades.