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DIRTY DINING: Food at unsafe temperatures at Minato sushi bar

Posted at 10:45 PM, Apr 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-27 02:44:30-04

As things kick into high gear for the annual River Run, which brings tens of thousands of people to Laughlin from Las Vegas and elsewhere, a Laughlin sushi bar will be recovering from a 33-demerit C grade.

The sushi bar at Minato Japanese and Korean restaurant on South Casino Drive in Laughlin is back on Dirty Dining for the second time.

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Darcy: And we'd just like to get your side of the story from whoever is in charge.
Person in charge: Um, sorry, right now we're not available for that.
Darcy: You're not available? But you're standing right in front of me. You look available.
Person in charge: I mean, you say you need a person in charge, right?
Darcy: Yes. And so of course if the restaurant's open there has to be someone in charge on property.
Person in charge: Well, I'm in charge but you need someone probably a little higher than me for this kind of thing.
Darcy: If you need to call someone you can. We just want to make sure we give you guys the chance to tell customers why you guys happened to get the most demerits of all the inspected restaurants last week, and, a lot of stuff in here seems to indicate with temperature issues that the sushi could be potentially unsafe and we like to make sure you have the chance to comment on that.
Person in charge: Um, no thanks. I'll decline.

Inspectors found sushi rice and shredded crab left out on the counter at unsafe temperatures. 

Ground mixed tuna and shrimp were also in the temperature danger zone.

There weren't roaches running around or expired food, but there was a lot of issues with temperatures and handwashing and things that could spread foodborne illness.

In the kitchen, inspectors found a dish rack sitting on top of a trash can, utensils in tepid, standing water, and there's a three-foot hole in the ceiling above the service station that's been covered with plywood for more than a month. 

After taking my card and calling the owner, he tells us...

Darcy: He doesn't want to talk? Ok, so, basically, we need to tell the public you guys have no comment.
Person in charge: No comment.

The kitchen at Children's Learning Adventure in Henderson on Eastern Avenue and Sunridge Heights Parkway got a failing grade three times. 

It was shut down for having no hot water, then failed two re-inspections for hot water problems in classroom hand sinks.

Since our visit on Monday, Minato's sushi bar was re-inspected and has returned to an A grade. 

The kitchen at Children's Learning Adventure re-opened Monday with a 3-demerit A grade.