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Violations push Little City Grille to limits on Dirty Dining

Posted at 10:46 PM, May 10, 2017

The latest Dirty Dining is a repeat offender where the attitude of the guy running the restaurant is worse than the health code violations.

Improper handwashing and unsafe food temperatures are the critical violations at Little City Grille. 

But based on their reaction when we showed up, you'd think a lot more was wrong in their kitchen.

"You guys gotta get out of here," said the chef before we even introduced ourselves.

"You don't know why we're here, do you?" asked Darcy Spears. "Can we just explain why we're here and what we're doing?"

"You need to go now. Let's go," the chef said, grabbing Darcy's arm.

Darcy: Do you understand why we're here?
Chef: Yeah, because you're a bottom feeder. Get out.

Little City Grille is feeding customers from the bottom of the demerit barrel. The repeat offender on Nevada Highway in Boulder City is back on Dirty Dining for the second time with a 34-demerit C grade, which they clearly don't want to talk about.

"We're just trying to get your side of the story," said Spears as the chef pushed her and her photographer outside and slammed the door.

In addition to the critical handwashing issues and noodles and raw eggs that had to be thrown out due to unsafe temperatures, inspectors also found raw ground beef stored over hotdogs and raw eggs stored over cooked potatoes. 

A shelf was lined with torn, dirty foil. The slicer had been repaired with saran wrap. And there was grease build-up on the hood.

An employee's open soda was sitting next to the toaster, but that's hardly the worst thing in the Health District's picture, which also shows a prep table, walls and floor covered in food debris.

Our crew left and went to the parking lot, but within seconds, the chef came out the back door.

"Are you going?" he asked, coming at Spears and her photographer as they stood by their vehicle.

"We're going out to the public sidewalk where we intend," Spears began, but he interrupted her and made a grab for the tripod on the ground.

Chef: I'm gonna throw this s--t right off here.
Darcy: Sir.
Chef: Go! Go!
Darcy: Please do not be threatening. We are going out to a public sidewalk
Chef: Right now.
Darcy: Where we are going to continue -- don't touch me!

But he can't keep his hands to himself. He picks up our tripod and begins walking toward the street.

Darcy: Do not touch our equipment! Sir you need to -- you'd better put that down. We can control our own equipment.
Chef: Get your vehicle out of here now.
Darcy: We are going to shoot from the public sidewalk.

He finally goes and stays inside. But not before causing a stir with customers, who pull up in their car and start asking questions.

Customers in car: Is this Dirty Dining?
Darcy: Yes, we are here for Dirty Dining.
Customers: No! Shut the hell up!
Darcy: This is the second time they've been on Dirty Dining. They're a repeat offender, and as you can see, they're not too pleased about the experience.
Customers: Oh my god! Why did we just eat here?!
Darcy: Look for that C grade every time you go to a restaurant.
Customers: All right.

We've got two imminent health hazard closures, starting at IHOP on Boulder Highway near Horizon Drive in Henderson. 

It was shut down after someone filed a complaint with the Health District saying the restaurant was operating without hot water since the night before. 

Inspectors did find IHOP preparing and serving food, as well as washing dishes, without any hot water. 

But all was fixed the same day when a new water heater was installed, and they reopened with a zero-demerit A grade.

Juice'N'Go near Rainbow and Oakey boulevards was also shut down for having no hot water. 

There were also several cups of smoothies uncovered in the freezer, a knife wedged between containers in the make table, and an employee's purse and cell phone on the prep table.

Juice'N'Go reopened with a six-demerit A grade. 

Little City Grille still has a C.