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DIRTY DINING: Hussong's Cantina, Island Malaysian Cuisine and more

Posted at 10:45 PM, Nov 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-03 03:06:54-04

A relatively new addition to Boca Park is nearly shut down by the Health District and Contact 13's Darcy Spears is the last person they want to talk to. 

That, plus another really roachy restaurant means it time for Dirty Dining.

The upscale Boca Park shopping center on South Rampart Boulevard is making its first appearance on Dirty Dining thanks to one of its newest restaurants. 

Hussong's Cantina got a 40-demerit C grade, bringing it just one point short of shut down.

The upbeat music that ushers us in is quickly replaced by someone who wants us out.

Inspectors watched a Hussong's employee go from handling dirty dishes to clean ones without washing hands. 

Two large containers of beans had to be thrown in the garbage after inspectors found they hadn't been properly cooled. Fridge racks were dirty with food debris. And cooked chicken in the fridge was 10 days old.

They can keep our camera out, but not the one health inspectors used to document chicken and salsa at unsafe temperatures.

Food in the freezer was left open, uncovered and subject to contamination. Cooked ham was stored with raw ground beef. And a container of packaged chicken was left on floor. 

They were also using a dry, dirty cloth to wipe down a cutting board. 

And the grease bin by the dumpsters was left open with lots of debris on the container -- a quick and easy way to attract pests.

Though there were no pests actually observed at Hussong's, there were plenty at Island Malaysian Cuisine. 

The restaurant on Spring Mountain Road near Decatur Boulevard was shut down for a cockroach infestation. 

Roaches were inside the microwave, on food containers, walls, floors and shelves. One even had its own spoon. 

The restaurant may as well have had a neon welcome sign for the bugs because inspectors found a cart with three bus tubs of dirty dishes, as well as dirty cutting boards, mixing bowls and prep tables -- all left over from the previous night. 

There was food debris throughout the facility and according to the health report, the entire complex is battling a roach infestation. 

But roaches aren't the only things that don't belong in Island Malaysian Cuisine's kitchen. 

Inspectors found an open bottle of transmission fluid, a fishing pole, a rock they were using on the wok and a soccer ball sitting on a kitchen shelf.

The other imminent health hazard closure came at La Costa -- a Mexican seafood restaurant on Sierra Vista Street near Desert Inn Road and Swenson Street. 

It was shut down for having no hot water. Inspectors also found shrimp at an unsafe temperature and brown build-up in the ice machine chute.

All the restaurants in this Dirty Dining tri-fecta are now back to A grades.