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DIRTY DINING: Roaches at Honey Pig and Boulevard Mall

Posted at 10:45 PM, Oct 17, 2016

The repeat offender in the latest Dirty Dining has "Pig" on the outside and roaches inside. In fact, all the restaurants Contact 13 is featuring have roaches.

Honey Pig Korean BBQ on Spring Mountain Road and Decatur Boulevard was first on Dirty Dining two years ago with the same amount of demerits they have right now: 40 and a C grade.    

Both times, inspectors found many of the same violations, like soup and bagged onions on the kitchen floor. There was also open food on floors in the walk-in fridge and freezer. 

Other repeat violations include mold in the ice machine and dirty kitchen wares stored as clean, like a large pot and most of the strainers, which were stored dirty with dried food debris.

Inspectors also found raw chicken defrosting in standing water. They weren't using running water because of cracks in the sink that allow wastewater to drip all over the floor, which you can clearly see in one of the Health District's pictures.

Also caught on camera, sticky fly paper -- with plenty of flies on it -- hanging right above the stove. 

And live cockroaches. Pest control records note live German roach activity during a previous service, including inside the oven.

An employee ran into the kitchen when we arrived and returned a minute later with a manager, who says, "I don't have anything to say."

When asked about the cockroaches in the restaurant, the manager says they are not in the restaurant or ktichen, just in the storage area.

The very reluctant person in charge wouldn't give his name or answer questions about potstickers, rice, bean sprouts, fish cakes and raw eggs that had to be tossed due to unsafe temperatures. Or an employee's moldy rice stored over customer food in the reach-in. 

One employee didn't wash up after handling raw chicken. Ceiling tiles were dirty and stained. And fridge racks were rusted.

Now where is the restaurant's C grade that used to be up there? The manager says they are cleaning the frame despite it needing to be displayed.

Inspectors noted continued non-compliance at Honey Pig, including lack of control over foodborne illness risk factors.

Moving on to imminent health hazard closures, we've got three -- all at the Boulevard Mall.

All had pest infestations creating gross, unsanitary conditions.

The Rotisserie Chicken place is more like roach-isserie considering how many bugs inspectors found. There were also two bags of expired lettuce.

Cinnabon was also roach-infested. 

And so was Supreme Burrito. Their Max Catch glue trap had apparently caught its max amount of bugs because there were plenty of them elsewhere in the kitchen. 

The floors next to the make table and around the grill were a roach buffet -- excessively dirty with large amounts of food debris. 

There's so much food in a crevice between equipment that you can't even see the floor.  

Honey Pig still has a C grade. 

Cinnabon and Rotisserie Chicken in the Boulevard Mall re-opened with A grades. 

Supreme Burrito is scheduled for re-inspection on Tuesday.