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Dirty Dining: Ho Ho Ho, Spicy Crawfish, Five Star Tavern

Ho Ho Ho, Five Star Tavern on Dirty Dining
Posted at 10:45 PM, Oct 11, 2017

In terms of demerits, the dining is dirtiest in Summerlin this week, but the images from the imminent health hazards just might make you cringe. 

As we headed to Ho Ho Ho to ask about their 35-demerit C grade, we walked in to an unexpected situation.

Darcy: We want to find out how that happened and what you guys have done to fix it.
Yulin Guo/Manager: We just fix it.
Darcy: You just fixed it? Did the Health District come and do the re-inspection yet? That's who... She's right there!

We arrived right after the inspector did, but Manager Yulin Guo took a few minutes to talk to us.

Ho Ho Ho Chinese Gourmet Express is on West Charleston between Hualapai and Town Center.

Health inspectors found cooked beef and bean sprouts at unsafe temperatures nd a large container of cooked breaded chicken thawing at room temp, which was a repeat violation from a previous inspection.  

There was black mold on soda nozzles and greasy, soiled tongs being used to handle fried food.

Guo says they just need to do better in following the Health District's guidance.

"Keep cleaner every day and make food safety.  And just keep the nice quality."

Inspectors found a stained cutting board and cracked food container held together with tape in the cooler.  

There was also heavy grease, dirt and food debris build-up between equipment, on floors and walls, and racks in the cooler were starting to rust and peel.

Darcy: Fair to say this is not up to standards for you either, right?
Yulin: But, it happened, so we take it. But yeah, we really apologize about that and we fix it. 

We have two imminent health hazard closures.  

Inspectors shut down Spicy Crawfish on Spring Mountain and Arville after finding a live cockroach crawling in the flour bin, and another outside the freezer.  

Records show their last pest control treatment was four months ago and back then, the exterminator saw cockroaches in the kitchen and storage room--where the inspectors found the floor was filthy.

Five Star Tavern on Decatur and Lake Mead is the second of their locations to be on Dirty Dining.

The kitchen was shut down for inadequate refrigeration.  

There were also multiple containers of spoiled food, excessively moldy food--some so covered in green and white fuzz that it was unrecognizable. 

The contents in one container of sour cream were only recognizable by the label on the outside.

Another had expired in mid-August.  

There was black and pink mold in the ice machine and containers of mayonnaise and tartar sauce with sour smells.  

The bar at Five Star Tavern was allowed to remain open but the kitchen was forced to close.

Ho Ho Ho, Spicy Crawfish and Five Star Tavern's kitchen are now all back to A grades.