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Dirty Dining: Henderson Fresh Bakery

Posted at 7:27 AM, Oct 01, 2015
and last updated 2015-10-01 10:27:51-04

From bakeries to booze, Dirty Dining takes us from Henderson to the Las Vegas strip. 

The "Now Open" sign still hangs at Henderson fresh bakery on Eastern Avenue and Horizon Ridge Parkway. 

It's only been open for a month, but was nearly closed after its first health inspection -- which resulted in a 39-demerit C grade. 

The first thing they asked us when we walked in?

Danny Diaz seems more concerned that we have the health inspection than about what's in it -- like moldy melon, berries and hummus.  And spoiled greens and sprouts.

Diaz explained that it was the owner's personal food, not food to be served to customers. He said that was the inspector's mistake. 

But there was also prepared food for sale after the expiration of its seven-day shelf life. 

Bacon was stored uncovered and unprotected from contamination in a cardboard box. Also, pooled eggs, sliced beef, potato salad, tomato and cream cheese had to be thrown away due to unsafe temperatures.

The slicer had heavy accumulation of old, dried food debris on the slicer. The inspector also found clean utensils stored on a dirty surface next to dirty dishes. 

There were no date labels on prepared foods. Dirty wiping cloths were used on cutting boards. And there was no knowledgeable person in charge.

The second bakery in this Dirty Dining report is in Chinatown Plaza on Spring Mountain Road.  Diamond Bakery was shut down for repeat critical and major violations.  Inspectors found expired chicken and food at unsafe temperatures.

And Caesars Palace Pizza Lounge had to stop serving liquor after inspectors shut down its liquor pump room. 

It wasn't just closed.  It was roped off with caution tape. 

Why? Sewage and bugs. 

Inspectors found flies and spiders all over the booze.  Some had even crawled inside the bottles. And if that's not bad enough, there was sewage leaking from the ceiling due to drainage from the food court. 

Also, the floor was filthy -- coated with some black substance inspectors could not identify.

Henderson fresh bakery still has a C grade. 

Diamond Bakery is back open with a zero-demerit A. 

And according to the Health District, the liquor pump room at Caesar's Palace Pizza Lounge is still shut down.