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Dirty Dining: Four Seasons Diner, Blue Martini, Teriyaki Boy and more

Posted at 10:45 PM, Aug 30, 2017

For the second time this month, the Health District has shut down a local restaurant with 50 demerits.  

Dirty Dining begins at Four Seasons.  

Not *that* Four Seasons: the Four Seasons Diner on Spring Mountain and Arville in Chinatown where inspectors wrote up 50 demerits and found cockroaches just chillin' in the reach-in refrigerator.  

Other roaches were hanging around the mop sink.  

There were also hard boiled eggs, raw bacon and raw beef, which had to be thrown in the trash due to unsafe temperatures.

When we stop by to speak to the person in charge, the manager says he wasn't there on inspection day and leaves to call their translator to talk to us about the health code violations, like excessive debris under equipment and shelving.  

The health inspection shows Four Seasons' own pest control provider threatened to quit the week before because too many areas were not being kept clean.  

The restaurant's solution, according to their translator, is that they're going to change to a different pest control company.

She says language barriers between staff members and lots of new employees contributed to the restaurant's problems.  

Dishes were being washed in lukewarm water with no sanitizer.  

Dirty wiping cloths were being used to clean cutting boards and utensils.  

Refrigerators were dirty inside and out to the point where they were sticky to touch.  

And, there were fingernail clippers and cuticle scissors hanging in the kitchen above the cook line.

That, the translator says, was a shock, but she said everything's under control now.

All three imminent health hazard closures were shut down for the same reason--roaches.

Teriyaki Boy Healthy Grill on Rainbow between Lake Mead and Vegas had a multi-generational cockroach infestation. But they also failed re-inspection from a previous C downgrade.

The roaches that shut down Coney Island Gourmet Hot Dogs in the Boulevard Mall food court ranged from egg casings to adults. They were everywhere in Coney Island's kitchen.

And, roaches were bellying up to the Island Bar at Blue Martini in Town Square.  

They were hanging out under the bar top and inspectors note that it's a repeat problem.

Inspectors have found roaches on lights above food contact surfaces, on the floor with egg casing attached and inside the shelving that holds the cashier's cash box. 

All the places have now re-opened with A grades.