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Dirty Dining: Food to Homes, Clamato's and Beer, IHOP

Posted at 10:45 PM, Sep 20, 2017

Tonight's Dirty Dining begins at a mini-mart and ends with pancakes and beer.

But we'll also be talking about something new to Dirty Dining--a meal-prep home delivery service.

Food to Homes prepares meals delivered to your door and is also a mini-mart on Spring Mountain and Decatur.  

It's at the top of this week's Dirty Dining list with a 31-demerit C grade.

Inspectors found open cans of tomato sauce, corn and oysters with dark build-up inside the cans.

An employee's cell phone was sitting on the slicer and another soiled slicing machine was stored as clean.  

There were flies throughout facility, open bags of food on beverage crates in the kitchen and food stored on the walk-in freezer floor.

The employee who greeted us when we arrived at Food to Homes says the boss went to Los Angeles and is unavailable to answer our questions about the health code violations.  

Other issues include raw poultry stored over cooked poultry, no sanitizing solution during active food prep and prepared foods that were not dated.

At Clamato's and Beer on Tropicana and Eastern there was excessive leaking from the ceiling.  

All food and food contact surfaces in the affected area were subject to contamination.  

Inspectors first noted the leak two days prior and when they came back to check, they found "No definitive repairs" had been made, so they shut the place down for failing to comply.

Other violations include lots of old and moldy food: tomatoes had black spots and white fuzz and there was a mosaic of mold on jalapeno peppers.  

An open bag of spinach was two weeks past its "Best by" date.  

And containers of flan were more than a month old--having expired on July 30.  

The blender and can opener were dirty and they were using a plastic cup at the bar to scoop ready-to-eat nuts.

And for the second week in a row, we've got an imminent health hazard closure in the Village Square shopping center on Sahara and Fort Apache.  

IHOP was shut down after inspectors followed up on and verified a complaint that the restaurant had been operating without hot water.

IHOP reopened with a six-demerit A grade.  

Clamato's and Beer is still closed.  

Food to Homes still has a C grade.