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Dirty Dining: More than 50 demerits for Food Express

2 Las Vegas Strip restaurants closed
Posted at 10:45 PM, Aug 16, 2017

It's been a long time since we've had a restaurant with 50 demerits, but we've got one tonight.  

Plus, Darcy Spears shows us two restaurants on the Las Vegas strip shut down for imminent health hazards.  

Food Express on Decatur and Oakey hit the big 5-0, causing immediate closure for excessive demerits, plus the imminent health hazard of gross, unsanitary conditions. 

David Chiu, who owns Food Express, was on Dirty Dining in July, 2015 with Chang's Hong Kong Cuisine on Decatur near Tropicana.  

When we ask him what went wrong at Food Express, he says, "Well, that day you know, um, I suppose was because everything's old."

Inspectors found old food, including brown, slimy parsley and greens, spoiled cabbage and lichee with broken skins and slimy insides.  

There were also three dead shrimp and two dead crabs in the live seafood tanks, flies in the kitchen, and lots of food had to be thrown out due to unsafe temperatures, including pork neck bones and two ducks sitting in stagnant water. 

Chiu says they were closed for eight days fixing everything and getting ready for re-inspection.  

They had to clean an excessively dirty rice steamer, vegetable peeler and slicer, get rid of excessive greasy, dirty build-up throughout the kitchen and throw away fish because they couldn't prove where it came from.  

The Health District says food from an unapproved source is one of the risk factors that causes food-borne illness.

We asked Chiu if he'd like to show us how things have changed in the kitchen, but he declined.

Inadequate refrigeration and 42 demerits closed down Ketchup Burger Bar -- a restaurant in the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood.  

Inspectors saw a kitchen worker handle raw beef, then ready to eat food without washing hands.  

Also, the microwave was dirty, soda nozzles were slimy and there was mold in the ice machine.

Cafe Americano outdoor bar at Caesars Palace was also closed.  

Inspectors saw a bartender touch dirty surfaces then start to make a drink without washing hands, which he couldn't have done properly even if he tried because there was no hot water.  

No hot water is the imminent health hazard that caused inspectors to shut it down.

Food Express, Ketchup and Caesars Cafe Americano outdoor bar all re-opened with A grades.