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DIRTY DINING: Cuban Sylvain Bakery, Osaka, BBQ King and more

Posted at 10:51 PM, Mar 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-09 02:48:14-05

A bakery-turned cafe draws the ire of health inspectors after major menu changes make the place dangerous. Plus two repeat offenders hit for a nearly a three-way tie as we dig in for the latest Dirty Dining.

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No lights. No food. No answer at Cuban Sylvain Bakery at Tropicana and Eastern avenues. 

It was shut down with 40 demerits by inspectors who were there for a simple change of ownership permit but found all kinds of problems.

Contact 13 has been seeing a lot of locked doors and closed up restaurants in Dirty Dining lately. 

At Cuban Sylvain Bakery, there should be a sign from the Health District on the door, but there is none. 

Instead, there's a sign in Spanish saying that they're closed for remodeling and that they'll reopen soon. And it's punctuated with a sad face.

Cuban Sylvain Bakery made dramatic changes to their menu, adding fried foods that require special equipment they did not have -- like a hoods to ventilate grease vapors and prevent fires, and a trap to prevent fat, oil and grease from fouling our water system through the sanitary sewer.  

Cuban Sylvain Bakery was deemed an imminent health hazard for lack of adequate refrigeration and too many demerits.

Pasta salad and spaghetti in five-gallon buckets were at unsafe temperatures. 

The slicer, shredder and plastic kitchenware had old food debris on them and a prep table was being held together with duct tape. 

They were also re-using rusty metal cans to shape dough.

Osaka Japanese Bistro on Sahara Avenue near Arville Street was just one demerit behind with a 39-demerit C grade. 

Inspectors say one food handler didn't wash up after touching raw fish. And another used only water to rinse a dirty container before using it again. Food wasn't date labeled and plastic containers were resting on top of cut vegetables.

BBQ King on Spring Mountain Road near Lindell Road is a multiple Dirty Dining repeat offender.

They got a 38-demerit C grade, partially because of "putrid" cooked beef. Inspectors found four bags of it in a pan in the walk-in fridge. And there were containers of food so moldy they appeared to be growing cobwebs.

When we went to get answers from BBQ King, we were met with an insurmountable language barrier as the person in charge waved us off saying no one in the restaurant spoke English.
There were two other imminent health hazards, both shut down for failing re-inspections from previous C grades. 

At Lolo's Chicken and Waffles near Rainbow and Lake Mead boulevards, inspectors found moldy bell peppers, a stained cutting board and the kitchen flooded from clogged floor sinks.

And at Jukoo Chinese restaurant on Maryland Parkway near Tropicana Avenue, there were numerous repeat major violations. They were required to contract with a food safety consultant but didn't. 

Food including chicken, beef and wings were nearly a month old. Lots of stuff was uncovered and subject to contamination. Pots were dirty and cleavers with dried blood were stored as clean.

Lolo's and Osaka are back to A grades. 

BBQ King still has a C. 

Jukoo and Cuban Sylvain Bakery are still closed.