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DIRTY DINING: Crown & Anchor, Rocco's and more

Posted at 10:45 PM, Apr 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-26 03:00:26-04

There's a British flag flying over Monday's Dirty Dining at a place that's almost a Las Vegas icon. Contact 13 Chief Investigator Darcy Spears pays them a visit, plus shows us something we've never seen before. Get ready for the "Rat Bat."

Crown & Anchor on East Tropicana Avenue is flying its flag over a 38-demerit C grade. And it's something they don't want to discuss.

Health inspectors found two cartons of expired heavy whipping cream at Crown & Anchor. Two potato peelers with excessive dried food debris were stored as clean. And speaking of excessively dirty, the floor behind the grill was just that. 

Inspectors also found lots of food in the temperature danger zone including raw chicken, baked beans, cooked peas, tomatoes, lettuce and deli turkey. All of it was thrown away, as was the chicken found thawing in standing water. 

Even though the person in charge, June, said she didn't want to talk, she drove around to confront us in the parking lot.

We have two imminent health hazard closures, but one really stands out because it doesn't get more hazardous than rats. 

The 99 Cents Only store on Buchanan Boulevard in Boulder City is a rat-infested mess.

It got so bad that employees took a black marker to an aluminum baseball bat, renaming it, the "Rat Bat." And it seems they had plenty of opportunities to use it. 

Health District pictures show the sales floor had become a buffet. Rats chowed down on Jiffy corn muffin mix, masa flour and bird seed. 

They snacked on Cup o' Noodles and chewed through boxes of paper bags. They ate fusilli pasta and beans. 

Floors and shelves were soaked in extreme amounts of rat urine and feces.

Inspectors found evidence that the rats are climbing into and out of the ceiling.

The other imminent health hazard closure was Rocco's New York Pizza and Pasta on South Rainbow Boulevard near the 215. 

It was shut down for operating without hot water. There were also heavily soiled pizza pans, a dirty mixer and a rusted can opener.

Rocco's and the 99 Cents Only store are both back open with A grades. 

According to the Health District, Crown & Anchor still has a C.