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DIRTY DINING: China AAA, Sawa Sushi tie

Posted at 10:43 PM, Jan 25, 2017

Hope you're hungry because you're getting two for one on Dirty Dining with a tie between two restaurants. 

That, plus two closures on the Las Vegas Strip means it's time to go Dirty Dining.

Two restaurants and two 34-demerit C grades -- beginning with a Dirty Dining repeat offender.  

At China AAA on Maryland Parkway and Silverado Ranch Boulevard, inspectors found many of the same violations as they did back in 2014. 


A food handler touched their face and clothes and then went to food prep without handwashing. 

Food was thawing next to dirty dishes. And shrimp, beef and squid were all thawing at room temperature.

There was a dirty scoop stored inside the flour container. Food was double-stacked with no barrier. And they were making chemical sanitizer solution right next to shrimp at the prep table.

We ask the person in charge if anyone else can translate, and she says, "No, we are all Chinese. We cannot speak no English."

That makes us wonder how they talk to the Health District, which the person in charge replies there is a manager who does but he was not there.

Would we have better luck at Sawa Sushi? They got the other 34-demerit C grade. 

PHOTOS: Sawa Sushi

At this restaurant on Blue Diamond Road near Valley View Boulevard, it's like they were trying to see how many types of mold and slime could grow inside an ice machine. We've got green, brown, black and pink. Some of the brown stuff had even gotten into the customer ice.

There were only two tables with customers at them in the quiet restaurant, but the owner, who was also the sushi chef, was too busy to talk about what inspectors found, like shrimp at unsafe temperatures or using the 3-compartment sink for food prep and soaking dirty dishes at the same time.

Our two imminent health hazard closures were both on the Las Vegas Strip. 

Ciao Ciao gelato bar in the Forum Shops at Caesars was shut down for operating without hot water. Inspectors also noted potential contamination of food by an employee whose clothing was touching bottle spouts.

And for the second week in a row, we have a Burger King shut down. At the one on Las Vegas Boulevard near Oakey Boulevard, inspectors found wastewater leaking from the ceiling into the kitchen. 

It was splashing onto packaged buns and employees were walking through the 25-foot-long leak to prepare food.

Sawa Sushi's owner never called back. His restaurant still has a C grade. 

China AAA is back to an A and that owner did call. She apologized for not maintaining the high standards her customers expect, says she fired a manager because of the bad grade and she's re-training the entire staff. 

Ciao Ciao gelato bar and Burger King are both back to zero-demerit A grades.