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Dirty Dining: China A GoGo

Posted at 10:45 PM, Jan 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-28 10:53:44-05

Tonight, it's strike three for a string of valley restaurants. Three different locations and four times on Dirty Dining. 

If you're looking for a place with a clean bill of health, China A GoGo is no place to go go. 

The Ann and Decatur location has been on Dirty Dining twice. The North Rainbow location once. And now, the one on Anthem Village Drive in Henderson. 

It's topping the Dirty Dining list this week with a 36-demerit C grade. 

But you wouldn't know that by walking in.

"We're here because you guys are on Dirty Dining this week for the C grade -- the 36-demerit C grade -- that you got on your last health inspection," Contact 13 Chief Investigator Darcy Spears told employees.  "In fact, your C grade card used to be up there but it's not where it was."

The C grade is clearly posted in the Health District's from the day it was issued. Then, China A Go Go pulled a "Now you see it.  Now you don't."  But it wasn't magic that made the grade card disappear. 

We ask to speak to the person in charge.

Employee: I'll just call him, alright?
Darcy Spears: OK, but, there has to be someone here in charge.  Like right here.  In the restaurant.

The health report documents improper handwashing. 

One food handler without a health card fled the facility during the inspection. 

There was also open food stored on the floor. 

And they were using an unsanitized sink for food prep.

Darcy Spears: Can you guys tell me who's in charge because the restaurant can't be open unless there's a person in charge who's a certified food protection manager.

That was a major violation on the health inspection.  They tell me the person in charge is one of the chefs, who doesn't speak English. 

Other violations include uncovered food, two different kinds of raw meat being prepped next to each other, which is a cross contamination risk.

And check out the list of food at unsafe temperatures: beef, noodles, breaded meat, chicken, eggs, cream cheese mix and BBQ pork. All had to be thrown out. 

The employees get their boss on the phone.

Darcy on phone: We'd love to be able to let you tell our viewers why you think things got dirty, why there wasn't good handwashing, why things were out of temperature, why an employee fled the restaurant when the health inspector was here because he didn't have a health card...

He says they've done their best to clean things up and he does not want to talk on camera.

On the imminent health hazards list, we've got two closures to talk about. 

U Swirl Yogurt on Flamingo and Fort Apache was shut down for having no hot water.  They'd been operating that way for two days, and also had to trash berries, kiwi and cheesecake squares that were at unsafe temperatures.

The Oasis Cafe at the Las Vegas RV Resort on Windmill near Blue Diamond was also shut down for operating without hot water.

China A Go Go was re-inspected Tuesday and is back to an A grade. 

U Swirl and the Oasis Cafe are both back open with A grades as well.