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Dirty Dining: Casa Flores in Boulder City

Posted at 10:45 PM, Feb 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-18 19:18:17-05

Expired and unwholesome food. Dirt, grime and pests. You know what all that means. 

Darcy Spears is taking us Dirty Dining.

If "mi casa es su casa," here's one casa you need to know about before you call it yours. 

Casa Flores is in the top Dirty Dining spot this week with a 34-demerit C grade.

"Uh oh! Channel 13 is here.  Watch what we're saying!"

That's the greeting we got from a customer as we arrived at the Boulder City restaurant to ask what's going on in their kitchen.

Hostess: Hey!  Hi!
Darcy Spears: I'm Darcy spears from channel 13.
Hostess: Hey Darcy!  Oh!  I've seen you on the news.
Darcy: You've seen me?  Well, it's your turn to be on the news. We're here because you guys are on Dirty Dining for the 34-demerit C grade and we just want to get your side of the story about what happened with this health inspection.
Hostess: Well, I'm not the boss here so I can't really say anything.

She goes and gets the boss, who we ask, "Why they gave you so many demerits?"

The owner answers, "Well, just for little... I didn't think they were... You know what? I don't want to talk."

Casa Flores wasn't just written up for little things. 

There was a steam table faucet dripping into shredded chicken. The carnitas? Expired. Chile rojo? Even more expired.

Raw meat was stored over salsa and the meat itself looks none too fresh.  All of it was starting to turn brown. 

The owner continues to find excuses not to talk.

"I'm the only one working right now and, you know, you should've came when there's another girl here."

Inspectors also found exterior doors and windows open directly into the food prep area and the only pest control was a fly swatter. 

The handsink was excessively dirty. So was the area around the dish machine. And the mixer gets grosser when you get closer. 

Couple that with no sanitizer whatsoever in buckets or the dish machine and you've got the recipe for one dirty casa.

Darcy: We're here now and this is your chance to talk.
Owner: Yeah, but I don't... No. I don't want to talk to you. I'm so camera shy.
Darcy: You're camera shy?  OK, it's gonna be on the air regardless of whether you choose to comment.  That's why we're here to give you your chance to talk.

Apparently it's a chance she doesn't want to take, because she waves us off and walks away.

We've got one imminent health hazard closure -- Tropical Smoothie Cafe on Eastern and Warm Springs. It was shut down for no hot water. 

Inspectors also found mold in the ice machine and a very sticky floor.

Tropical Smoothie re-opened the same day with a zero-demerit A. 

Casa Flores still has a C, but they're scheduled for re-inspection on Thursday.