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DIRTY DINING: Cafe Noodle and Chinese BBQ 4-time repeat offender

Posted at 10:45 PM, Jul 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-26 02:47:31-04

The term "repeat offender" doesn't quite cover it as Darcy Spears takes us to a restaurant making its fourth appearance on Dirty Dining.

The sign on the door saying that they're closed for "adjustment" is really only part of the story.

You have to look at the bright pink sign on the other door saying that they failed inspection to get the full story. And according to the health report, they failed in spectacular fashion.

Cafe Noodle and Chinese BBQ on Spring Mountain Road and Arville Street was shut down with 53 demerits. 

This place puts the "dirty" in Dirty Dining as evidenced by the long list of violations, which includes dirty and missing ceiling tiles, dirty baseboards, grout missing in floor tiles causing a bad stench to permeate the rear of the restaurant, and dirty, greasy floors with pooling water. 

Cafe Noodle told the Health District they were planning a major remodel. When Dirty Dining stopped by, there was construction going on in the building.

We knock and watch as they wave at us, but make no move to respond. One employee also waved at inspectors, but probably had little to smile about once the inspection was done. 

Finally, a worker tries to communicate through a crack in the door and we tell them we want to talk about the health inspection.

Inspectors found dirty, unsanitary food contact surfaces with excessive corrosion, food debris and grease build-up. Grease from the hood was dripping onto cooking areas. 

And then, there's the food itself. Inspectors witnessed "actual contamination" of cooked shrimp. There was moldy tofu, seaweed and mushrooms. And visibly bloody raw poultry boxes stored over food equipment. 

Inspectors also found expired pork, duck, tofu, and pig ear which was two and a half weeks old.  

Despite our attempts to get comments, we've got lots of questions for Cafe Noodle, including why raw duck was hanging over defrosting shrimp. And why wastewater from the purifier was draining directly into the ice machine, potentially contaminating customers drinking water.

Inspectors noted "continued non-compliance" at Cafe Noodle, ordering them to suspend all food activity until thorough and substantial improvement has been made.

We've got one imminent health hazard closure. 

Marie Callender's on Sahara Avenue and 6th Street was shut down after inspectors found them pumping sewage overflow from their kitchen into the street gutter. 

They were operating with sewage backing up in multiple drains in the both the kitchen and bakery.  

Marie Callender's is back open with a 3-demerit A grade. 

Cafe Noodle is still closed.