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Dirty Dining: Cabana Market and 5th Ave. Pub

Posted at 7:16 PM, Dec 10, 2015

We're calling tonight's edition of Dirty Dining "Cockroaches and More" after health inspectors find multiple species of bugs at a valley market.  

Bugs, bugs and more bugs. That's what inspectors found, both crawling and comatose, in the meat and deli section of Cabana Market on Owens near Lamb. 

PHOTOS: Cabana Market Deli

It got a 23-demerit C grade after inspectors also documented multiple boxes of meat left outside the refrigerator. 

And in a picture of an expired employee health card, there's a pool of wet blood on the floor.

When we went looking for answers, the people behind bullet-proof glass protecting booze and cigarettes pointed us to the man cutting meat.

Darcy Spears: Hi.  I'm Darcy spears from channel 13.  We're here because the meat section of the market is on our Dirty Dining show this week for the C grade from the Health District and we just want to get your side of the story.  Find out why they found all the bugs in here...
Meat manager: No.  I have no time.  I don't have time.
Darcy: OK, it's gonna be on TV whether you talk or not so we just want to make sure you have the opportunity.
Meat manager: OK.  I'm busy.

Wonder if he's busy killing bugs? 

Inspector saw creepy crawlies, some with wings, on shelving, food bins and food equipment.  There were multiple dead bugs on the floor, on walls and on top of tables.

They also saw lots of packaged food stored on the walk-in floor, dried food debris on the slicer, excessive dirt underneath coolers and on the bottom of the refrigeration unit. 

And, a leaking toilet.

The imminent health hazard closure was at 5th Avenue Pub, which is on 6th Street, near Clark. 

PHOTOS: 5th Avenue Pub 

The pub was operating with no hot water, which is a repeat violation. 

Also, the soda gun and ice machine were moldy and improperly cleaned - another repeat violation.

5th Ave. re-opened with zero-demerit A. 

Cabana Market meat and deli still has a C.