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Dirty Dining: Bonjour Bakery and McDonald's

Posted at 10:45 PM, Jan 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-07 10:46:21-05

Dirty Dining gets Frenchified as Contact 13 heads to a local bakery.  That, plus a McDonald's drive-through with a side of raw sewage! 

Bonjour Euro Bakery Cafe on Rainbow and Flamingo leads a short Dirty Dining list this week with a 23-demerit C grade.

Darcy Spears: Hello!
Chef: Oh!  C'est...
Darcy: Channel 13.
Chef: C'est la television.

Bonjour owner Mary Agnes brought out help from the kitchen to translate and answer our questions about what health inspectors found. 

There were repeat violations for storing sanitizer buckets on food contact surfaces and not posting the "No Smoking" sign. 

They were also dinged for letting flies in through an open front door and for food handlers not wearing hair nets.

"I was alone and when she come I don't wash dishes, I don't make nothing and I do a lot of customers and I was surprised when she come," Agnes said.

We were surprised to find a repeat violation for leaving food open and subject to contamination.

Darcy: The inspector did write up in the report having the food on display without a cover like you have right now.
Mary: And I don't put plastic right away because they're fresh.  I must wait a few minutes and after it's okay.

Agnes says getting a C grade was hard for her to handle.

"I don't sleep.  I don't... I was... Afraid."

Afraid of getting shut down. 

Inspectors also found a food handler preparing ready to eat pastries with bare hands.  The product had to be thrown away and the food handler instructed to wear gloves. 

Also, grade cards were not posted and there were two containers of household pesticide when only commercial pest control is allowed.

Mary: I'm sorry I don't speak very good English.
Darcy: No, you're doing fine.  I appreciate your explanation.
Mary: Sure.  I was very surprised.  Only 10 days with C.
Darcy: Ten days that you hope to never repeat?
Mary: For me it was a lot of... Too much.  Because it isn't my habit.

Moving on to our imminent health hazard closure...

Have you heard about the new McSewage special?  It was available for one day only--the day after Christmas--at the Terrible Herbst McDonald's on Sahara and Maryland Parkway. 

That Saturday, inspectors responded to a complaint about raw sewage on the McDonald's property.  When they arrived, they found it--complete with toilet paper--actively flowing from the restaurant's sewage outlet through the parking lot into the street and into the storm drain. 

Apparently McDonald's knew enough to shut down their restroom, but not the restaurant itself.

Both Bonjour Bakery Cafe and McDonald's are back to A grades.