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DIRTY DINING: Expired and moldy food at Millano Pizzeria

Posted at 10:45 PM, Aug 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-09 03:23:21-04

When you see spoiled, adulterated, unwholesome food on a health inspection, you know it's time for Darcy Spears to take us Dirty Dining. We're going out for pizza!

Inside the Inn Zone on Flamingo Road and Decatur Boulevard, you'll find Millano Pizzeria -- a place that's been under new ownership for just four months, but is already having trouble with the Health District.

Owner Artak Aleksanyan partially blames the language barrier for his 36-demerit C grade. 

But you can't blame language for outdated food.

We asked about the cheese and turkey that were expired.

Artak claims the turkey was already expired when he bought it from their wholesaler. He admits to fault at not checking the expiration date.

Some of Millano's peppers and onions had certainly seen fresher days. Plus, the peppers weren't washed before being cut. And one of them was downright moldy.

"I can't answer because it's 100 percent our fault," Artak said.

Inspectors also wrote up peppers stored on a dirty drain board next to open chemicals. 

Plus the Health District had some pictures of the pizza pans where the metal was frayed and ripped but Artak says they got new ones.

And then there's the wide open bag of flour that was stored on the floor.

"It's the cook's fault," Artak said, adding that she is a girl and the bag is heavy.

Artak says he's still learning the A to Zs of running a restaurant.

He didn't understand why he got dinged for his labels. Health District rules say prepared food can only be kept for seven days. Millano Pizzeria was labeling stuff for an eight-day shelf-life.

He shows us the fridge stocked with fresh food -- including new turkey -- and tries to explain the biggest problem they had: food held in the temperature danger zone for more than three days including cooked chicken, pasta sauce and mozzarella cheese.

"If you have a broken freezer, you end up losing a lot of points," Artak said.

A wake up call, he says, hoping to never see a C grade again.

Millano Pizzeria was re-inspected Monday afternoon and got its A grade back.