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DIRTY DINING: Expired food, roaches at repeat offender Cantina Cancun

Posted at 10:45 PM, Sep 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-07 02:39:53-04

The latest Dirty Dining headliner is a repeat offender. It's been three years since their first appearance, but records show they're still dirty.

And it's a place Darcy Spears won't soon forget.

The last time we were at this location for Dirty Dining, one of the owners shoved a newspaper into the camera lens, pushed the photographer out and locked Spears in.

That was March 2013.

That's when the new owners first took over the restaurant on Maryland Parkway between Reno and Tropicana avenues.

It was called Ahogadas Cancun. It's now called Cantina Cancun.

This time, things were much more quiet.

Turns out Cantina Cancun is closed on Tuesdays. That's their choice, but on Aug. 26, they were forced to shut down after health inspectors gave them 42 demerits. 

Forty-two is enough to shut a place down on demerits alone. But Cantina Cancun added the imminent health hazard of no hot water. 

They also had live roaches.

When we contacted, the person who answered disconnected and it went to voicemail when we called back. We spoke to someone again later and left more messages, but never got any answers.

Health inspectors found expired food, including multiple seafood items, cheese and beans that should have been tossed more than a week before the inspection. But it was all still sitting in the fridge.

There was also lots of food that had to be thrown out because of unsafe temperatures, utensils that hadn't been washed since the day before, and the stove had excessive build-up. The person in charge couldn't tell the inspector the last time it was cleaned.

Of the four imminent health hazard closures, the grossest pictures came from the food truck that serves as the pool snack bar at the Plaza hotel-casino. 

It was shut down for lack of adequate refrigeration. Just about every food in the facility was at an unsafe temperature. 

Plus, inspectors found multiple foods with "Severe signs of spoilage." 

There's a salad made with feta cheese and cucumber at the top of the menu. But cucumbers on the truck were discolored, spotted with mold and squishy. 

And their large container of feta cheese had expired in February. 

The Oscar burger comes topped with arugula, but that was wilted, brown and deteriorating.

Another food truck, Joseph's Express Care Catering -- also known as El Borotazo Tortas Ahogadas -- was also shut down for lack of adequate refrigeration.

Urban Turban -- a seasonal set-up at The Linq -- was shut down for four separate health hazards. 

Their power kept going out. They had no hot water. Refrigeration wasn't adequate and employees had no properly working sink to wash their hands.

Last on the list, Supreme Lobster -- a seafood distributor on Polaris Avenue and Ponderosa Way -- was shut down for no hot water. 

They were processing fish in the midst of this imminent health hazard. 

There was also a soiled mesh scrubber in the shellfish cutting room, peeling ceiling tiles in the fish processing room, and beams at the lobster tanks were in severe disrepair with chipping paint and disintegrating wood.

Cantina Cancun grill is back to an A grade. 

All the places that were closed have reopened with A grades as well.