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DIRTY DINING: Antojitos D.F. and Jimmy's Seaside Fries among five restaurants highlighted

Posted at 10:45 PM, Aug 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-30 02:38:18-04

We're calling this restaurant report the "Dirty Fiver" as five restaurants are on the Dirty Dining list -- starting with a tie for the highest demerits.

Two restaurants, equally dirty, sent us spanning the valley from the Strip to a car wash in search of answers behind two 36-demerit C grades. 

Our first stop is on the strip at Jimmy's Seaside Fries in the Grand Bazaar in front of Bally's.

Dana Cartwright was the person in charge who told us their problems were mostly mechanical.

Cartwright, who health inspectors found working with a food handler card that expired almost a year ago, pointed to a missing fly fan.

"What happened was it got broke when they closed the door," Cartwright said.

Inspectors call that improper pest control. 

They also found chili at an unsafe temperature and a complete absence of sanitizer solution in open food areas during active food prep. 

Cartwright allows us inside to show us what the other major problem was.

"This was just that the water -- the cold water didn't work," Cartwright said.

Their note was that the water was intentionally turned off to the only handsink.

"It was stripped. And so we only had hot water," Cartwright said.

Before we can finish up, Grand Bazaar security comes to kick us out.

Antojitos D.F. y Mas, which is inside the Oasis car wash near Flamingo and Pecos roads, is our second 36-demerit C grade.

"It was so surprising!" said owner Marina Ibarra.

She says she's been in the restaurant business nine years, but this is a new location and she's still training the staff. 

She attributes most of the demerits to a malfunctioning fridge.

"This happened. And everything -- it's a job. And well, they show me I have to be more carefully (sic), just check every day, every single day the fridge and the freezers."

Inspectors also wrote up food-handlers for improper handwashing, including after touching raw ground meat.

"They was nervous and it was exactly the lunch time, and, uh, yeah," Ibarra said.

Breaded raw shrimp and cooked carne asada were found at room temperature. Food-handlers returned dishes with old debris on them to the cookline. And there was a strong sewer odor coming from grease trap.

Now what about the slimy mushrooms and the moldy strawberries mentioned in the health report?

After an awkward silence, Ibarra blames that on the fridge too.

There was also expired food including pata, squash flowers and birria -- a beef stew she says is only served on weekends.

"It was nine days old. Yeah, that probably happened."

But she says it would not have been served.

"We tried to correct everything in the moment when the health department was here and we check, if something wasn't good, put it in the trash because I'm not going to put in danger the health for the people, of course, that's the most important thing."

We've got three imminent health hazard closures including a Capriotti's sandwich shop. Their location on West Sahara Avenue near the Strip was shut down for lack of adequate refrigeration. Inspectors noted a repeat violation for holding food at unsafe temperatures, including cheese, pastrami and ham. There was also old food debris on the can opener blade and black build-up on cutting boards.

The World's Best Corn Dog food truck was also shut down for lack of adequate refrigeration and lack of handwashing facilities.

And Burger King on Serene Avenue near Eastern Avenue was shut down for having no hot water.

All the restaurants are back to A grades, except Jimmy's Seaside Fries. They say they'll be re-inspected this week.