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Dirty Dining: A Chinatown Food Experience

Posted at 10:48 AM, Dec 03, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-03 13:48:59-05

Tonight, a location that's been featured twice before on Dirty Dining is less than thrilled to see Contact 13 Chief Investigator Darcy Spears. 

They can yell and curse, but they can't avoid a third appearance on Dirty Dining.

Darcy Spears: Hi there.  You remember us, right?
Employee: I tell you don't put me on TV, man!

That was the greeting we got at A Chinatown Food Experience inside a grocery store on Spring Mountain and Decatur. 


It's the first C grade for the new owners, but the location is back on Dirty Dining for the third time. 

And employees are expressing themselves in words we cannot repeat.

Darcy: Please don't curse at us, sir.
Employee: Don't bother me, OK?!

Health inspectors documented three-week-old tomato sauce, tofu that was nearly two weeks expired, knives not properly cleaned and a large pot filled with water, raw meat and a submerged hose. 

Other meat was defrosting in standing water. 

Walls were dirty and baseboards were missing. 

All that earned the restaurant prep area a 39-demerit C grade at their November 23 inspection.

Darcy: Where's your C grade, you guys?

We got no answer. 

The restaurant's B grade is posted.  But the prep area's C is nowhere to be seen.  Both were inspected on the same day. 

We find the person in charge, but can barely get a word in edgewise.

Darcy: I'm Darcy spears from channel 13.
Person in charge: Yeah, OK, OK... You can't go in there.
Darcy: We're here because you guys are on Dirty Dining and we'd like to get your side of the story.
Person in charge: This my first time, okay?
Darcy: No, this is actually the third time we've been here. 
Person in charge: No.  Not same company.

The second appearance on Dirty Dining for this place was in July when they were in the process of changing their name.  The new owners took over in September.

Darcy: You don't want to say anything at all?  This is going to be on TV whether you talk to me or not.
Person in charge: OK, OK, OK, OK
Darcy: It's okay with you but you have nothing to say?  Okay.

Out on the road now to Street Foods -- a food truck shut down for two imminent health hazards -- lack of adequate refrigeration and no running water. 

Inspectors found Street Foods discharging grey water into a parking lot on the strip between Riviera Boulevard and Convention Center Drive. 


They also found food at unsafe temperatures, murky, stagnant water being used for food prep, and the grade card--which was a B before they were shut down--was not posted.

A Chinatown Food Experience still has a C grade.  The owner met with the Health District today and says they'll be re-inspected next week. 

Street Foods is back on the road with a zero-demerit A.