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Democratic candidates make their cases at presidential forum in east Las Vegas

Posted at 7:25 PM, Oct 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-27 14:58:37-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Prospective presidential candidates made their way to Las Vegas Saturday making their cases to local voters at the People’s Presidential Forum.

The crowd made their voice heard in east Las Vegas where voters will set the tone with Nevada being an early primary state.

“There is a lot of competition going on. Good candidates, good discussions and good debates,” Jovan Jackson, an undecided voter, said.

Jovan Jackson is a Vegas native, born and raised and has kept tabs on the Democratic presidential primary. He’s excited to vote.

“It’s an honor, absolute honor to set the tone,” he said.

Voters like Jackson got to hear from Julian Castro, Andrew Yang, and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. Castro aimed his message on policies to encourage economic growth.

“Everybody is able to get a good job and quality healthcare and that people are able to afford the rent,:” Castro said.

Yang spoke on the future of automation at local casinos to push for universal basic income.

“Nevada has to respond to the fourth industrial revolution, because all of you will be affected by it in a more dramatic way than anybody else,” Yang said

While Senator Sanders emphasized defeating President Trump. Jackson says he remains undecided on his vote but likes what he’s hearing, as he’s determined to make it count. He had his voting rights restored as an ex-felon earlier this year.

“My voice has a meaning now in politics, in voting and running their candidacies,” Jackson said.

It’s a voice that will be one of many when 2020 rolls around.

The Trump re-election campaign responded to the forum criticizing the economic policies of the candidates saying, it would reverse the job growth the state has seen since he was elected president.

“Today is a great opportunity for Nevadans to hear about the disastrous socialist policies proposed by candidates like Bernie Sanders and Julian Castro, and how they would reverse any progress the state has made under President Trump and his booming economy,” Samantha Zager, a campaign spokesperson, said.