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Daughter of Jerry Lewis opens up about upcoming auction

Daughter of Jerry Lewis talks about auction
Daughter of Jerry Lewis talks about auction
Daughter of Jerry Lewis talks about auction
Daughter of Jerry Lewis talks about auction
Posted at 2:26 PM, Jun 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-15 12:23:52-04

Comedian, actor, and MDA Telethon host Jerry Lewis, who died in August 2017, called Las Vegas home for many years. His Vegas home was just sold, and now his family is auctioning off precious items from his estate. 

Lewis has a long legacy and many people would love to own a piece of his history.

Danielle Lewis took time to speak with Anchor Dayna Roselli ahead of the auction that will share some of her dad's personal belongings with the world. 

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Danielle says, "It's funny to hear people coming to me and saying i sobbed for 3 days, it's funny to see the affect he had on the entire world not just his family."

A few family pictures are still up in the Lewis house.  Many are packed away, because the house was recently sold.  This is the home Jerry lived in with his wife Sam, and Danielle, since the 1980s. 

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Lewis passed away in August.

Danielle says, "It's definitely tough, and definitely very surreal to think like a year ago, he was here."

She says some of her favorite items up for auction include her dad's "Damn Yankee" costumes that he wore, and his jewelry.


Her mom gave her his Star of David necklace, and it says "Jerry" on it. He wore it all the time

She says going through the items has been healing. She knows she will always have his movies to laugh at, and of course, the memories.

"He would come downstairs every morning and he was always so chipper, and ready to go, like "hi there, good morning" just so happy and ready to joke, he was very happy all the time, loved life, lived it to the fullest."

The public exhibition starts Monday and it's free to the public. The live auction is June 22 at Planet Hollywood. Right now, you can browse online and place bids. You can also order an auction book.