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Dangerous street racing causes havoc in one Las Vegas neighborhood

Authorities are investigating, asking public for assistance
Posted at 5:26 PM, Sep 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-11 02:23:09-04

UPDATE SEPT. 10: Las Vegas police say they are aware of videos circulating on social media of various car meets or trick driving events that occurred over the Labor Day weekend throughout the valley.

In the videos, drivers can be seen engaging in reckless driving behavior which placed onlookers in unnecessary danger, according to police.

In one incident which occurred last Saturday, near Badura Avenue and Cimarron Road, officers were delayed due to the fact that they were responding to violent calls in the area.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department says it is currently working on improving how it responds to similar events and asking for the public’s assistance by calling 3-1-1 if they learn of similar events being planned or taking place.

Dozens of people and cars took over and blocked the streets of Badura Avenue and Cimarron Road last night.

Several vehicles drove dangerously, doing doughnuts, while spectators looked on and cheered.

But for neighbors in the area, the performance was not a hit. They said smoke and the smell of burnt rubber lasted for hours after they left.

Neighbors reported this situation, and police showed up, but they say it took them a long time to get there.

"Almost an hour of this nonsense going on. I talked with a sergeant and he said they were waiting for backup. It would have taken one police car with the lights and sirens to disperse this crowd, that's all it would have taken," said Rick Aco who lives nearby.

We reached out to Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department for more information, but they have not responded.

Residents of the area hope that this is the first and last time this happens here.