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Critters creep into Queensridge homes after water shut off

Posted at 7:02 PM, Jun 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-29 09:08:13-04

Neighbors living in Queensridge say critters have been creeping into their yards and homes since water was cut off at what used to be the Badlands Golf Course.

The former golf course is being potentially redeveloped into a high-rise living complex, which had many neighbors upset. They successfully voiced their opposition as city council recently voted to have the company, EHB Companies, tweak their plan before it moves forward.

It was shortly after that when neighbors noticed the water was shut off to the former golf course. The grass has been turning brown, weeds and growing, and lake dried up.

They believe it was done in retaliation. They say since then, the animals that used to gather near the lake have been making their way into their yards. 

"It was their choice to turn it off because they did not get what they wanted," says neighbor Julietta Bauman.

One neighbor says she found a scorpion crawling into her bedroom.  Other found dead rabbits, and snakes and turtles near their pools.

In a statement, the company tells 13 Action News, the company blames residents "who successfully fought for the demise of a plan that would ensure water would remain on and 120 acres of open space would be preserved indefinitely."

Neighbors hope they can work together with the company to find a solution that works for everyone.