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Report: Drivers restrained UFC fighter Stephan Bonnar during DUI arrest

Posted at 10:15 AM, Oct 31, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-31 22:53:41-04

Two semi-trucks helped stop UFC veteran Stephan Bonnar as he was driving recklessly on Interstate 15 on Sunday, according to Bonnar's arrest report.

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Witnesses told Nevada Highway Patrol that Bonnar had been driving a Cadillac on the shoulders of the road near Apex and swerved, making several unsafe lane changes. They said he was driving around 90 mph. Witnesses said there were several times Bonnar had almost hit a vehicle before eventually hitting a Jeep Wrangler. 

NHP body-camera video shows a trooper arresting Bonnar as four other drivers help hold him still. The drivers had tied Bonnar with orange luggage straps in his vehicle until NHP arrived.  

Eventually, the trooper determined it was best to remove the orange straps and put him into handcuffs. As the ties were removed, NHP says Bonnar "sprang to life" and started to resist, pulling and twisting his arms. Witnesses were able to help the trooper place the handcuffs onto Bonnar.

The drivers told NHP that Bonnar had been combative and to be careful of him spitting. Bonnar would not respond to NHP trooper's questions.  

Due to his combative behavior, NHP placed Bonnar in the rear of a patrol SUV. His legs were also restrained to prevent further injury. Troopers arrested Bonnar for DUI based off his driving characteristics, red bloodshot eyes, mood swings and odor of an unknown intoxicating beverage. 

Bonnar did not speak much to troopers besides saying once at the Clark County Detention Center that he missed his wife, while sobbing. 

Troopers found an AR-15 in his vehicle, along with an empty bottle of Smirnoff and a pill bottle for Celecoxib, a prescription pain reliever. 

A records check found that Bonnar had two previous DUI arrests, one in April 2015 and another in June 2016. He also had a criminal history of battery and domestic battery charges. 

Bonnar spent many years with the UFC and was inducted into its Hall of Fame in 2013.