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Report: Room attendant fakes sexual assault, sets fire to bed

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Posted at 1:07 PM, Mar 06, 2020
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LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — An Excalibur room attendant faked a sexual assault and then set fire to a bed in a ploy to get money from the casino from the ensuing lawsuit, according to a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police arrest report.

Police were called to the hotel on Feb. 5 after receiving a call regarding a room attendant being found bound by duct tape outside a guest room and the bed inside being set on fire.

The attendant, Aviaon Lee, told police that she had been sexually assaulted by an man she did not know while she was cleaning the room.

She described the suspect as a white adult male, 6-foot 2-inches tall with brown eyes, muscular build, wearing a black long sleeve shirt, blue jeans and a black ski mask.

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Lee said the man grabbed her from behind, placed duct tape over her mouth and then wrapped her wrists with the tape.

The woman then described the sexual assault with specific details.

After the assault, Lee told investigators that the man then put tape over her eyes and set fire to the bed.

She said she tried to scream, but the tape over her mouth muffled the sound.

Lee said she was able to roll off the bed and crawl out the door of the room.

An Excalibur security officer says he found Lee in the hallway, lying on the ground in a fetal position.

An investigation was launched, which included Lee being examined by a nurse for signs of rape; interviewing other employees at the casino; and going over security footage to track the suspect.

In a follow up interview with Lee, police asked if she would consent to them examining her cell phone which the woman agreed to.

When investigators checked out her phone, they found several internet searches regarding "can you sue hotel job for sexual assault."

After going through all the evidence, police were able to pinpoint a suspect and conducted a third interview with Lee, especially to ask her about the internet searches.

Initially, Lee tried to brush off the searches as something she had been doing to help out her mother-in-law who, according to Lee, had been assaulted while working as housekeeper and she would do that particular type of search whenever they discussed it

But when pressed further, Lee broke down and, according to the report, confessed to having fabricated the entire incident including setting fire to the bed.

Lee was arrested and taken into custody on several charges including arson, burglary and false report of a crime.