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PD: Cops bust four houses of prostitution posing as massage parlors in Phoenix

Posted at 12:58 PM, Sep 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-20 17:31:23-04

How is it that the clients of four north Phoenix massage parlors are all named "John?"

Court records show that the owner of an expanding massage parlor business in north Phoenix is accused of selling more than just massages as she is charged with maintaining a house of prostitution in four locations.

Police report that between December 1, 2015, and September 13, 2016, Xenia Jassbel Cisneros, age 36, owned and operated four houses of prostitution at the "Devi Le Fay Mind, Body and Soul" massage parlors.

Cisneros is accused of receiving the earnings of seven employees committing acts of prostitution. According to police she, "encouraged her employees to live a life of prostitution by providing them with a place to engage in prostitution, and advertise the business for them."

Police first became aware of the prostitution ring when they received a tip about possible prostitution at a massage parlor near Cave Creek and Cactus roads. The phone number associated with the business was linked to several ads on various escorting websites.

One undercover officer made an appointment with "Jenny" and had an agreement that she would perform a sexual act for money. Another undercover female officer met Cisneros and applied for a job at one of the locations. Cisneros explained to her the advertisement and payment agreements. The officer told Cisneros she didn't have a massage license but was told that wouldn't be a problem. 

Cisneros reportedly told the undercover officer to, "bring her own condoms," everything else is provided.

Cisneros has been charged with conspiracy and operating a house of prostitution among other charges, while at least six women were also accused of being employed in a house of prostitution.